The annual presbytery conference 2019 of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Israel group was held at Logba Tota. The group is said to be one of the best Spiritual and powerful association in Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana currently. The year 2019 has marked the 11th anniversary of the group in the presbytery since it was inauguration.

The president of the presbytery, MOSES Alex Azameti and the newly elected Executives assured the union that , they will use their positions well to support the Union and to help spread it to more areas within the presbytery and beyond.

Again, there will be a national conference coming October 26th at the Dela Cathedral in HO. All groups are expected .

Akpana Media was present to witness some of the activities and indeed was a very powerful conference. This is one group that spiritually commemorates the activities of our ancient father’s who were led by a strong power of God from captivity into the land of green pastures.

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