Man sleeps with over 600 Black women With hopes of spreading the HIV Virus to African men.

A white young man with HIV/AIDS, is currently in the grips of the American police for allegedly sleeping with over 600 black women in hopes they will spread the deadly disease to black men.

Jason Pope, popularly called DJ Kid randomly posted pictures of the many women he had slept with and bragged about them on social media.

Pope was however arrested a few days ago after the authorities in America shockingly discovered he had intentionally infected the over 600 women with the virus.

The pictures below are Jason Pope and some of his victims:

What do you have to say about this man?

Dangote finally replies Shatta bundles, says he is glad atleast someone sees him as the richest.

In the past few months, a video has been in circulation of one Ghanaian acclaimed rich boy saying he is richer than Dangote. The boy who was later identified as Shata Bundle was seen in the video calling Dangote his boy when its comes to riches.

Shata bundle
Shata Bundle

While many still wandered if his claims are actually true, and what gives the acclaimed billionaire bundles of dollar notes he parades online.

In recent interview, Dangote the richest man in Africa who got his wealth majorly from cement production and crude oil related business reacted to the claims made by the alleged billionaire.

Here is what he said:

I can not compare myself to anyone in terms of wealth. If anyone claims that he is rich than me, I do not see any harm in that. I’m not competing with anyone, “Mr. Dangote said, saying the most important thing is” I have my things and I’m happy with what I have. ” I have nothing to prove to anyone. I never looked at me. I have been recognized for the work I have done

Medikal’s response to breakup rumours with Fella Makafui will shock you.. Screenshot…

Rapper Medikal has finally spoken after reports that he jilted Fella Makafui hit social media.

According to the rapper, it’s better to chase money than to chase fame because fame without money is crisis.

Screenshot of post below.
He made this known in a tweet.

He said ” Chase the money, don’t chase the fame”.

Medikal after jilting Deborah Vanessa went in for Fella Makafui. The two have been spotted at various events and have had a god time together.

Their relationship has been one which has received bad press but with the bond that exists between them they come out stronger each day.

Shatta Wale tell TV host about his sexual relationship with Afia Odo.. Video

We thought that was a yes or no question? Imagine if someone asked you: “Have you ever had s*x’, and your answer was ‘not really’.

What does that really say about your virginity?

Shatta Wale was asked if he had ever smashed Efia Odo during his recent interview with Paul Adom-Otchere, and the best he could come up with is ‘not really’.

According to him, they once kissed but never had s*x.

Odo, remember, became infamous in Ghana after being spotted in bed with Wale. And everytime they’re asked if they’ve ever smashed they’re just as vague as Wale was in this interview.


Watch how Baba Spirit was sack from stage at DI ASA finals. Video

Comedian Baba Spirit had the rudest shock of his life when he was ‘dragged’ off stage barely a minute after he was introduced as interlude whilest final votes were being compiled at the finals of the Di-Asa Season 3 held at the Fantasy Dome Trade Fair, Accra last week.

One of the MCs of the evening, Odeefo asked Baba Spirit to leave the stage, albeit diplomatically because the Di-Asa Queens were ready to mount the stage.

From my perspective, Baba Spirit was given that punishment because his jokes are way too dry and perhaps the Head of programmes at Atinka Media Village did not want him to lower the high altitude of excitement bursting at the venue.

At the end of the competition, PM, real name Precious Mensah took emerged winner followed by Gaza and Maafia in that order.

PM won a brand new salon car, a cash prize of GHC2,500, a 32 inch T.V. presented by Diora Appliances, goodies from all the sponsors on Di Asa season three and a sponsored trip to Dubai.

The second prize, which is the ‘Abossey Macho’, went to Gaza. Aside the vehicle, Gaza also received a cash prize of GHC2,000, goodies from the sponsors and will also enjoy a sponsored trip to Dubai.

Aside the vehicle, Gaza also received a cash prize of GHC2,000, goodies from the sponsors and will also enjoy a sponsored trip to Dubai.


2 Legon Professors Busted In ‘Sex For Grades’ Scandal

Uni Gh Legon
University of Ghana, Legon

Two renowned Professors of Ghana’s premier University, Legon have been busted in sex for grade scandal that is yet to be aired, has confirmed.

The investigations conducted by BBC Africa Eye, captured incidents of sexual harassment by these lecturers including the two named professors in Ghana and other West Africa’s most prestigious universities.

A trailer of the documentary has been released ahead of the premiering of the documentary. Sources reveal that one of the professors, whose position is critical in the current administration has been moving from one place to the other, seeking support to redeem his sinking image in the wake of the announcement.

It would be recalled that in July 2018, uncovered some respected University Lecturers who have made it their consistent habit of sleeping with female students for academic favors.

The names sighted by were extremely shocking, mind-blowing as indeed a very tight bubble is about to burst!

The top lecturers across various Universities in Ghana, focus on the 5 main public Universities are jittery and fearful about the impending release of various forms of evidence given by students in text, audio, pictures, and videos of how their lecturers had sex with them to give them grades, learnt.

The said lecturers from various Universities in Ghana particularly the five main public Universities have been calling their victims one by one to plead with them not to speak to journalists when contacted and also to plead for forgiveness.

At the same time, these implicated lecturers, some of whom have left the classroom to take up higher positions elsewhere and some still ‘in business’ have resorted to seeking to bribe and cajole the journalists who have gathered the evidence after 3 months of painstaking investigation and interviewing over 75 ladies who willingly stepped forward with shocking sexual evidence.

The lecturers, from the massive evidence, use pure blackmail on the students and sometimes forcefully having their way when they corner the students in their academic cubicles.

It was shockingly discovered that there were guest houses and hotels in Accra, in the case of UG Lecturers for example, where the owners “know what to do” when they get a call from the lecturers about arrangement, making the student go ahead there in advance and wait or at a bungalow when Madam is out.

One lady who was due for graduation in one of the top public Universities in Ghana was deliberately failed by one popular lecturer because the student refused his sexual advances. When she gave in, her results change miraculously last minute, can confirm from the evidence we saw.

More ladies who narrated their ordeals, particularly in the University of Ghana, three particular departments, also revealed how they were not able to graduate from the University as a result of that as they flatly refused.

Of the three months investigation, University of Ghana particularly had current students, not just past students, confirming to the investigation team how their lecturers sleep with them to give them good grades, or give them both the exams questions and the marking scheme ahead of time.

The lecturers who make their student add them to their class WhatsApp groups use the opportunity to assess the ladies by their pictures and start sending private messages. Sometimes the lecturer can spot the ‘meat’ in class and ask her to send him a ‘hi’ on WhatsApp.

Ladies who reject the lecturers’ proposals are victimized even they passed. They will re-sit and re-sit and re-sit!

“… That day he told me to come back at 11:30am or he will come and pick me up to a hotel. And I told him I have lectures and he told me not to go. You can look at our chats that day, he even sent me nude pictures only that his face is not showing, but that’s him.” one student narrated, with ‘hardcore’ evidence.

“He said he was taking a shower waiting for me while masturbating,” Another lady said of her free grade lecturer.

The system, learnt, has become so pervasive that even Teaching Assistants at University departments are doing some, and there is evidence to it.

Invariably, learnt that thousands of mostly female university students in Ghana have faced even worse situations at the hands of these lecturers, teaching assistants and other university staff. Many have been forced to face the option of giving sex for good grades or refuse and get bad grade even if they pass.

Some lecturers have failed students repeatedly for refusing to yield to their sexual demands.

“A course that many people had A, he gave me an F. I just decided to let sleeping dogs lie and concentrate on my studies. It started with an IA, after checking the IA and everything which was bad, I took it for remarking, and he told me at a point that the IA looked good, but he wasn’t going to do anything about it unless I ‘opened’ up”.

They feared being victimized if they reported.

Mawutor Africa Collection Releases Amazing Designs for 2019

The Designer Kingsley mk Akuffo popularly known as Niiqoy releases his art works into the system, to support to the fashion industry in Ghana. Amazingly, Niiqoy is one of the best talents in Africa who uses their mobile phones to design as many graphics and artistic works one could imagine.

Working underground for so many years, Niiqoy has been the secret behind some of the designs in the system and has been Instrumental in making others look stunning in which ever occasion they find themselves. He is of the view that sooner or later, Ghanaians will see his works and patronize his ideas.


The annual presbytery conference 2019 of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Israel group was held at Logba Tota. The group is said to be one of the best Spiritual and powerful association in Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana currently. The year 2019 has marked the 11th anniversary of the group in the presbytery since it was inauguration.

The president of the presbytery, MOSES Alex Azameti and the newly elected Executives assured the union that , they will use their positions well to support the Union and to help spread it to more areas within the presbytery and beyond.

Again, there will be a national conference coming October 26th at the Dela Cathedral in HO. All groups are expected .

Akpana Media was present to witness some of the activities and indeed was a very powerful conference. This is one group that spiritually commemorates the activities of our ancient father’s who were led by a strong power of God from captivity into the land of green pastures.